Managing Motivation Course

Aim of Managing Motivation Course

To empower individuals with the necessary abilities and knowledge on understanding motivation and how to apply motivational techniques to self and when managing others.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who within their workplace have any level of responsibility or accountability for motivating others to perform efficiently and diligently with due regards to the objectives of their role and the organisation.

What Delegates Will Cover

  • Understanding Motivation and the needs of your team
  • What drives individuals - Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)TM
  • Matching the right motivation to the right person
  • Inspiring management to create commitment
  • Building a team that works
  • Providing motivational feedback
  • Overcoming barriers and challenging situations

Course Duration

1 day

For Further Information on our Managing Motivation Course

Our managing motivation course focuses on the fact that people are at their most creative and inspired when they feel motivated. Delegates attending this course will be coached in driving their team's success through managing methods of motivation and exploring what drives individuals. Each delegate will have their own performance improvement plan created with assistance from our training team that will facilitate transfer of acquired knowledge and skills into each person's place of work. This course can be modified should an organisation require any specific modules or emphasis on any subjects that are best suited to the needs of the delegates. For further details on our managing motivation course and pricing please email