Coaching Skills Course

Aim of Coaching Skills Course

To develop individuals with a solid understanding and skill set to enable them to coach others in an effective manner producing the desired results.

Who Should Attend

Individuals with coaching and development responsibilities who are seeking to develop their key skills on how to coach, support and develop individuals forming part of their workplace responsibilities.

What Delegates Will Cover

  • The role and value of coaching a team
  • Coaching styles and methods
  • Directive Vs non directive coaching
  • The power of effective feedback
  • Questioning and listening as coaching skills
  • Structuring a coaching session
  • Putting coaching into practise
  • Development plans for continuing development
  • Creating meaningful goals and SMART objectives
  • Supporting others in achieving their best
  • Coaching as a life skill
  • Helping your team GROW

Course Duration

2 days

For Further Information on our Coaching Skills Course

Our coaching skills course covers an understanding of the coaching process whilst engaging the delegates in activities that develop coaching skills, feedback skills and confidence in the role as a coach in the workplace. This course can be modified should an organisation require any specific modules or emphasis on any subjects that are best suited to the needs of the delegates. For further details on this course and pricing please email