Presentation Skills Course

Aim of Presentation Skills Course

To empower individuals with the skills and abilities to deliver effective and powerful presentations to a variety of audiences.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone who has to present or speak in public. It looks at what makes a successful presentation and how to ensure we get out point across with the impact we intended. The course uses both theory and practise.

What Delegates Will Cover

  • Organising a presentation
  • Planning and structuring presentations
  • Self preparation and Core Skills
  • Using space
  • Use of training equipment (flipchart, PowerPoint etc)
  • The impact of gesture, movement and the way we sound
  • Body Language Pitch, tone and gestures
  • Understanding and engaging an audience
  • Getting and using feedback on your performance
  • Create powerful presentations
  • Handling nerves
  • Handling difficult audiences

Course Duration

2 days

For Further Information on our Presentation Skills Course

Our presentation skills course combines sessions delivered by our training team and tasks for the delegates to create and deliver their own presentations aiding the learning and development. This course can be modified should an organisation require any specific modules or emphasis on any subjects that are best suited to the needs of the delegates. For further details on our Presentation Skills course and pricing please email