Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Aim of Delivery Exceptional Customer Service Course

To acquire practical skills and knowledge that creates an exceptional experience for the customer.

Who Should Attend

Any member of staff who has a direct role to play in creating an impact for the organisation and brand through the delivery of service to customers.

What Delegates Will Cover

  • Considering Customers in the 21st century
  • The power of Brand
  • Keeping customers loyal
  • Solid service and inspired extras
  • Considering the RATER model
  • Barriers to great customer service
  • Getting it right when it goes wrong
  • Keeping your cool in a crisis

Course Duration

2 days

For Further Information on our Exceptional Customer Service Course

Our Exceptional Customer Service Course provides an insight into what customers expect from any organisation and how delegates can best match and exceed those expectations on a consistent basis. This course can be modified should an organisation require any specific modules or emphasis on any subjects that are best suited to the needs of the delegates. For further details on our Exceptional Customer Service Course and pricing please email