Communication Skills Course

Aim of Communication Skills Course

To enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills with effective results in relationship building and management.

Who Should Attend

Any individuals keen to develop core communication skills, competences and confidence in dealing with others.

What Delegates Will Cover

  • Communications in the 21st century
  • How effective a communicator are you right now?
  • Blocks and barriers to effective communication
  • Practical techniques for communicating with impact
  • Developing effective listening skills
  • Developing powerful questioning techniques
  • Dealing with challenging conversations
  • Building rapport with others

Course Duration

1 day

For Further Information on our Communication Skills Course

During this course delegates will be asked to consider how effective they feel they communicate with those around them. It will look at best working practises at using the tools that are commonly used (email, phone, letter) making the delegates better at ensuring they communicate with the correct impact. Our communication skills course can be modified should an organisation require any specific modules or emphasis on any subjects that are best suited to the needs of the delegates. For further details on this course and pricing please email